The sighting that stopped me fishing on the river at night Darkness Prevails Scary Stories, Horror Stories, Ghost Stories and Cryptid Sightings!

Her eyes welled and spilled as she concentrated on breathing slowly and quietly through her nose, her lips clamped shut. It was all she could do to lift herself from the gravel and tiptoe forwards, nearly tripping in the attempt to make no sound. Any distance would do, and she got some. Enough so that when her father lifted the door a meagre few inches, looked out from underneath, he couldn’t have known that she’d seen, that she’d heard. We need one more practice first I think” she answered authoritatively. The girls ambled through to the kitchen, adjusting their clothes while they sniffed the air.

The pitbulls didn’t follow, perhaps too weakened or too preoccupied to do so. With a bellow I thrust my free arm through the air and drove my thumb into its eye. It yelped and yanked its neck from my grasp, half-blinded and paddling off. I looked around for Delta, who was twenty feet off from me, locked in a similar half-submerged battle with the second pitbull. I shoved him away but responded no further. As angry as I was I couldn’t deny that he was correct, to an extent…without proper weapons, taking out a pirarucu in their turf would be suicide.

Fisherman's Tale: 5 Creepy Ghost Stories that will Keep You Off the Water

The boat was set up so you could sleep on a couple of cots in the cabin. When I reached a certain age I would go on fishing trips just to humor him. This area has scattered rocks and no real reef until you get out further, so I usually just do a slow scan of the bottom and look for something that could be good to eat.

Then suddenly, I had this feeling of eyes watching me from beyond the bank. I also noticed there were no fish, no birds singing and no other boats. Then Rex got a gigantic tug that nearly pulled him off the boat – whatever it was, it was extremely strong. He fought it around the back of the boat until the line snapped sending Rex flying backwards. Within the past few years a barrel was spat back out by the swamp. It was about a hundred and twenty years old.

That and Geneva Swamp is out of the question when the sun goes down for now on. An eerie scene met those who had discovered the ghostly ship in 1855; the captain’s cabin remained undisturbed with a teapot, bible and glasses full of liquor on the desk. A British Flag had been left draped over the chair of the ships’s commander, Captain Kellett.

WWF is one of many groups working to remove ghost nets from the sea. Our offices around the world are collaborating with local fishers and governments to identify target areas and remove as many nets as possible. In 2015, a single WWF-led mission in the Baltic Sea hauled up 268 tons of nets, ropes, and other material. Ghost nets are also a major contributor to the ocean plastics crisis.

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