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I climbed up through it and found myself in the bathroom of the police station. When I opened the door, I peered out and saw a dark corridor. There wasn’t a sound until the man who had shouted began to laugh. Long peals of horrible laughter filled the house. It went on and on until the fishermen thought they would go mad.

” Esther frowned and walked over to the back door, pulled it open wide and looked out toward the garage. When she heard no sounds, she took a step forward, but Aria put her hand out in front of her sister’s legs. As I arrived I prepared to fire off my first cast when I turned to my right coming face to face with a man no more that three feet away.

Seemingly impossible thing happens in ocean depths

I took a full 5 minutes to convince myself to try to spear this massive eel! This was unknown territory for me, though I’d seen many of them, I’d always just admired them from a distance. On Oahu there are a lot of spearfishers and I could have asked someone how to go about it.


I was fishing by myself late one night in August trying to catch a slack tide around midnight. When I looked up the boat was gone and there was a line attached to the bunker chunk when i pulled up the line there was a rod and reel both covered with barnacles and mud. I don’t know what happened or where the bait came from but i packed up and left with the rod and reel in tow. As I mentioned before there was little to no wind that day. So we were both taken by surprise when a mist just appeared around us.

Terrifying and true tales from the logbooks of Florida captains, just in time for the Halloween campfire. Top editors give you the stories you want — delivered right to your inbox each weekday. “If the wave had been any bigger he would’ve gone overboard into the nighttime swells, and there is a very good chance we would’ve lost him since we were anchored up. “Something large down there” spooked a shark fishing crew.

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Lashell Middlebrook is a former American zookeeper and the current director emeritus of the Zoo and Aquarium. She is 37 years old.

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